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Waste is a renewable resource

The GPE BioNode Ecosystem transforms waste into valuable resources and sustainable services.

GPE BioNode Key Attributes

The GPE BioNode at its core is a carbon capture and sequestration system that acts as a catalyst for regeneration. The regeneration through waste transformation system does not involve incineration in any form. It recovers biomass fuel to generate renewable, carbon negative, electricity as a sustainable substitute for fossil fuels.

Modular Design

Fully Integrated

Multiple Deployment Models






Breaking New Ground

To successfully compete in our rapidly advancing world, communities need lots of computing power.

GPE extends the BioNode capabilities to power Hybrid Edge Data Centers (HEDC) supporting many types of valuable High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads.

Each BioNode deployment is expected to have a 100km x 100km coverage area known as the BioDome.  As more BioNodes are added, a global network will form providing unmatched reliability and resiliency for real-time connectivity.

bionode network across globe

Calling All Technology Trailblazers

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with passionate individuals industry leaders, research institutions, and government bodies, to stay at the forefront of innovation.

GPE BioNode Ecosystem - Waste Regeneration Examples

GPE BioNode Ecosystem Diagram

First GPE BioNode is in the works!

Each Year, the World Generates…

0 billion tonnes

of Biomass Waste

0 billion tonnes

of Food Waste

0 billion tonnes

of Municipal Solid Waste

The urgent need for effective waste management and sustainable energy solutions has never been more apparent.