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Powering a green, sustainable future

In the face of escalating environmental challenges, our Regeneration through Waste Transformation and Carbon Negative Computing business stands as a beacon of innovation and possibility.

Our Mission

To create a sustainable legacy of CO2 reduction and green energy production through effective management of wastes

Our Vision

Stronger communities benefitting from more sustainable waste management solutions, green energy production and revenue generation methods

We Are Not Wasting Any Time

The first GPE BioNode will be deployed on a commercial farm near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Known as the Breadbasket of Canada, this plant is strategically situated in close proximity to vast volumes of agricultural crop waste (700,000+ tonnes/annum within a 100k radius). Farmers in this region typically burn their flax crop waste releasing enormous amounts of toxic chemicals, such as black carbon, into the atmosphere.

Tractor on a farm

GPE Team of Industry Leaders

Proven global innovators and positive disrupters in the industry, with a track record of successfully bringing innovative solutions to market.

Picture of Tim Dufour

Tim Dufour


22 Years of Mission-Critical Design, Build, Operate Data center experience

Picture of Brian Fry

Brian Fry


Co-Founder 10+ Tech companies

Mike Townsend


40+ years experience in Construction & Project Management across Data Centres and other sectors. Chartered member of CIOB

Picture of Daniel Dunne

Daniel Dunne


Data Centre Recruitment Manager, Formerly @AmazonWebServices and former Tech CEO

Mehtap Tari Hirt

Mehtap Tari Hirt

Legal Counsel

Sr. Legal Counsel in Intl. Investment, Arbitration & Energy projects

Tom Ryan

Interim CFO

Chartered Accountant for 30+ years

Our strategic objectives are aligned with the United Nations sustainable goals.

United Nations Sustainable Goals
United Nations Sustainable Goals with UN Emblem