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GPE BioNode Regenerates Ecosystems

Regeneration of ecosystems through the transformation of waste into valuable resources and carbon negative computing

Every Year a Single GPE BioNode…


0 tonnes

of Biodegradable Waste


0 tonnes
of CO2


0 MWh

of Carbon Negative Electricity

Pave the Way for a Greener Future…

GPE is pioneering a breakthrough in waste management for agriculture, forestry, food, municipalities and humans while fostering sustainable practices.

Global Waste Challenges

Climate change is a pressing environmental driver that calls for immediate and sustainable action.  The GPE Regeneration Through Waste Transformation system is an innovative solution that addresses the challenges of climate change through sustainable waste management practices. The GPE BioNode solution is able to process a variety of global waste types.

GPE Climate Crisis Solution

Great Plains Ecosystems is a Climate Technology company dedicated to addressing the major problems of waste and the greenhouse gas emissions it creates.  Through its revolutionary Regenerative BioNode platform and state of the art management systems, it transforms waste into valuable resources and sustainable services.

Is Regenerative, Locate Anywhere “End of Waste” System that restores Ecosystems
Rapidly Removes CO2 from Waste Biomass and Stores it as Biochar
Generates Clean Electricity to Support On-Site Hybrid Edge Data Center